Captain America

Captain America was adopted by Roberta and Seymour Rubenstein.

Captain came to live with us today.  I adore him, and Seymour seems to love him too.  I can’t ask Seymour — he’s out — but he keeps laughing at Captain’s antics, and he (Seymour) has even admitted that “he’s not that ugly.”  He’s funny, lovable, very well trained (Captain, not Seymour), and we’re learning more about each other by the minute.  When he barks, which is rarely, his bark is really quiet, and he doesn’t snort and snuffle.  In fact, he doesn’t even snore!

Captain spent his first night with us, sleeping completely through the night without snoring or waking me up.  At first his bed was about 20 feet from my head, so he trundled over and lay down without his bed by my side.  Seeing that, I moved his bed, which he comfortably curled into immediately and slept.  I completely adore him!

Thank you for all you and your organization has done to make Captain’s happy life possible.

Original Story

Hi!  I am CAPTAIN AMERICA (aka YANKEE DOODLE).  I was rescued from a shelter on July 3rd (thus my patriotic names).  I am what is known as a “smutty” pug – a rare salt and pepper grayish color resulting from having a Boston Terrier somewhere in my lineage.  I am 4-5 years old, and – as you can see from my picture, there is something very sweet about me.

I like to play with puppies, but when I’m around dogs my own age or older, I become a couch pugtato!

When I was rescued, there was a mass on my chest, which has been surgically removed at the same time I was neutered.  This proved to be a low grade 2 mast cell tumor, which the vet has assured me was caught and removed early enough that there should be no need for concern.  Any future masses or bumps be checked promptly so they don’t turn into problems.  I am Heartworm negative, up to date on shots, microchipped and very excited to meet my new loving family.  I will make a wonderful pet, who will follow you and give you kisses!  I love you already just thinking about our happy future together.