Ramsey was adopted by Jessica & Jared Springgay-Franizich.  This is their 2nd PROS pug.

Original Story

Hi!  My name is RAMSEY, and I am a big 4-5 year old WONDERFUL big (21.5 lbs) black pug boy who finds myself at PUG RESCUE due to a divorce (my original owners’, not mine!)  I overheard my foster mom saying some pretty great things about me. I am such a good boy, she couldn’t come up with a single criticism.

I love walks, and tug at the leash with excitement when I first set out, but then settle down.  I am completely house-broken, and know how to use a doggy door.  I am good with children, and am not aggressive with other dogs except if they try to take my food.  Even then, I only warn them.  I sit patiently and wait my turn when it is treat time.  I do like to eat (what do you expect?  I AM a PUG, after all); and am not picky.  I even love carrots and apples.

I dont seem really interested in playing with other dogs, preferring humans as playmates.  I am a mellow fellow; great in the car; good about having baths; patient when they give me ear drops (am getting over an ear infection).  I particularly adore my dog bed, and happily stay in it as long as I can see my “people”.  I even sleep in my dog bed at night, except sometimes when I decide to sleep at the foot of my peoples’ bed.  I have been known to wake them up if I want to crawl under the covers, though.  Once I am all covered up, I settle down and go back to sleep.

My foster family thinks I was largely ignored in my original home.  I am so thrilled when I get attention!  When my people come home, I sing a song for them!  I am a great jumper, and do jump up on the couch or bed with ease.

When I first arrived at my foster home, I did bark quite a lot when I was outdoors, but have largely stopped that.  I am liable to repeat that behavior when I first get to your home.  When I return from a walk or a car ride, I race around the yard once, barking, just so everyone will know I have returned home.

I have double dewclaws on both back feet (4 extra nails).  It is important that those nails are frequently clipped so they dont snag on something.  My big feet make me extra cute.

I will make someone a FABULOUS companion!