Bugsy & Gotti

Bugsy & Gotti were adopted by Julia and her brother Larry Sheller.  These make their 3 & 4 pugs from PROS.

Original Story

HI!  Our names are Bugsy Siegal and John Gotti – BUGSY and GOTTI for short.  We are 11 year old fawn neutered brothers. We lost our 1st home in 2007 and were adopted through PROS.  We were recently found as “strays” and ended up in a shelter (or the “Slammer” as we call it.)  We were on the lam because G-men were hot on our tails.  At least, that is the version we prefer, rather than to think we were neglected and allowed to wander the streets.  We will be available for adoption after a check-up with the vet – but appear to be healthy except for a slight knuckling of Bugsy’s left foot (probably from when Babyface Nelson tried to kneecap him during a heist).  I reality, we are big sweethearts – very friendly with people, and get along with other dogs.  We know we don’t fit the profile of what most people are looking to adopt due to our age and the fact that we would like to stay together.  Please look at our adorable faces and think about what we have been through having lost 2 homes already – and find it in your heart to give us a loving home.  We promise to return your love a thousand-fold.  We are not thugs, really!