Boston Blackie

Boston Blackie was adopted by Carolyn Cole-Schweizer.

We adopted Boston Blackie this past Sunday (8/11).  We are so thrilled to have him!  He is adjusting to his new home and his new brother Merlin.  Boston is making himself at home and learning all the ins and outs of his new residence.  He’s eating light to lose a few pounds and getting some exercise on the stairs.  He is such a sweet and gentle boy and we love him so much already.

Boston’s favorite activity is watching TV with our 10 year old son… well, besides eating.

Thanks PROS Pug Rescue for the opportunity to give a home to such a wonderful new friend.

Carolyn, George and Mason

Original Story

Looking for a private detective? Let me introduce myself: I am BOSTON BLACKIE, P.I. (The P.I. stands for Pug Investigator).  Apparently I got so involved investigating a case I got lost and ended up in a shelter.

I am a 3 year old handsome, smart, friendly black pug boy who likes other dogs and children.

I have just been neutered as well as having nose/throat surgery so that now I no longer sound like a freight train.  This will help YOU sleep better and will help ME career-wise when I am trying to follow someone without their knowing it.  When off-duty, my favorite thing is to cuddle.  I will make a great family dog – and my finely honed detective instincts tell me that YOU might be my perfect family!