Patti was adopted by Sanjuana Garcia.

Original Story

Hi!  My name is Patti and I am so wonderful my foster mom describes me as a “dream”.  Until now, however, my life has been more like a nightmare.  I was dumped at a shelter by my owner, along with two of my puppies (although I am still practically a puppy myself at 2 years old).  And here is the worst part: My puppies were 1/2 pug and 1/2 GERMAN SHEPHERD!!!  You would think not getting me spayed and allowing me to “date” a German Shepherd would be bad enough; but then to basically throw me away…  Incredibly, dispite all this, I am the CUTEST, most well-behaved little girl you can imagine.  Some of the things I love are – being held like a baby, giving kisses, kids, people, other dogs, and thinking about how happy I will be in a loving home.  I am housebroken, and even go to the door when I need to go out.  I am just about perfect; and you need me almost as much as I need you!