Bryon was adopted by David Gutierrez and Healther Glowe.

Original Story

I’m Bryon and as you can see I’m not in real good shape as my owner didn’t take care of me.  I came in with Casper and was brought to a shelter as my owner left me with a relative, but then never came back to get me.  From my picture you can see that I am a brindle approximately 4-5 yr old.  It is believed that I have sarcoptic mange which is contagious to other animals and sometimes to humans.  The shelter gave me one treatment for the mange but I’m going to need more treatments.  I so want to go play with the other pugs in my foster home!  I will be going to a PROS vet soon for my next treatment.  Watch for updates on me and my treatment and when I’ll be available for adopton.  Both Casper and I could use some donations to help pay for our treatment.

Thank you to Stephanie Olson, Tara Boyce, Kathy Hentges, Jeffrey Rodgers, Jason Burkett and Wendy Campbell for their donations towards my recovery.