Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear was adopted by Teresa Parscal.

Original Story

Hi!  For some reason, they call me Roly Poly Teddy Bear.  OK, I admit I might be a little bit pudgy.  I was rescued from the Hollister Shelter, where I had been dumped in their drop box.  When I arrived at Pug Rescue weighing a mere 29.6 lbs.!!!!  They mentioned the word “diet” and I immediately thought of that Jared guy on the SUBWAY ads, and thought “I can DO this.”  Well, I have yet to see a sandwich, but I have lost 2 lbs. in 2 weeks!  I am only about 5 years old, but I have difficulty walking because of my “baby fat”!  I am a real sweetheart, and once I am a bit more svelte, I will be available for adoption, and promise to be a wonderful pet.

UPDATE:  Teddy Bear continues to lose weight and is now down to 22.94 lbs and is going to the vet on 7/3 to have one of his patellas repaired; once he has recovered he will have the second one done.  We hope this will help him not to be so wobbly when he walks.  He may also have to have FHO (Femoral Head Osteotomy) hip surgery on both sides.  We’ll know more after he has recovered from the double patella surgery.

UPDATE:  Teddy Bear had his double surgery on Thursday afternoon.  He had knee and hip surgery.  He is in a lot of pain and is on antibotics and two pain meds.  He will be crated for 8 weeks with time out in a sling to go potty.  Then another possible two months rehabbing.

Thank you to Lucky Gomez, Jim and Bonnie Gay, Christopher Jensen, John Bishop, Patricia Schofield, Steve Elgin and Jason Visperas for your donations.