We learned of Pros Pug Rescue back in December 2012 through Facebook.  As we looked at all of the available pugs for adoption and already having 2 pugs since puppies, currently, both are 4 years old and are brother and sister.  We decided to go to the adoption event in Roseville in February, though there were several beautiful and gorgeous available pugs for adoption; we didn’t feel the right connection.  The next day, we had gone to the adoption event in Concord, as we walked in we saw Buddy, instantly we felt the connection and fell in love with him.  Buddy is now home with his new brother Keoni and sister Malia.  They are best “Buds” and are having so much fun being together.  Buddy enjoys when we all go for a walk and everyone who pets Buddy can’t believe how sweet and gentle he is.  We are so proud Buddy loves the attention.  Thank you Pros Pug Rescue because without you, we would not have been able to meet and fall in love with our wonderful Buddy.

On a separate note:  Thank you Angela Perez for being Buddy’s foster mom and taking good care of him.  Thank you Jan Grover for always keeping us updated with Buddy’s progress while in foster care.  We appreciate all you have done.


Jason Visperas & Steve Elgin