Nicole Dunn adopted Ali and everyone in the family including their other dogs are in love with him.

Original Story

Hi I’m Ali, named after the great fighter, “Muhammad Ali” as I was fighting for my life due to heart worm.  I’m believed to be about 3-4 yrs old and might have a bit of pug mix in me.  I came from a shelter and PROS was contacted to take me in as I was unadoptable with heartworm.  Well PROS took me in and thanks to your generous donations, I finished my heartworm treatment and I am more than ready to settle into my forever home.  I’m now a lover, not a fighter! Love me!

Thank you to Dawn Cicero, Mary Bova, Anna Allen, Jann James, Amy Joseph, Jan and John Grover, Ashlee Marks, Kelly Knotek and Andrea Flaherty who donated to my treatment.