Nancie was adopted by Doreen & John Ashbee.

Original Story

Hello!  My name is Nancie.  I’m an 8 year old, fawn, female Pug with one wish.  I just want to find someone to love me.  I’m a really sweet gal with a playful side.  If there is one thing I am really good at it is making sure you always have me close enough to cuddle.  I’m independent when it comes to other dogs.  If they happen to be around I don’t mind them much.  When it comes to my manners, I’m quite the little lady.  I can get through the night without any accidents and am nearly housebroken.  If you are looking for a forever friend that is easy to please, that’s me!  All you have to do is brush me and I am as happy as can be.  I had two pea size mast cell tumors which are being removed.  I could use some donations to help pay for my surgery.

Thank you to Karen Franklin and Kendall Fisher for their donations.