Dolly was adopted by Chris Potter.

Update from Family

Well we are a month into Dolly’s adoption and I just want you to know that I couldn’t be happier.  She is the sweetest little pug!  She loves everyone, has not problem with other dogs or cats, she is like a
puppy in a way, cause she is so aware of every day things like sirens, bikes, cars, planes… it is all new to this perfect little dog!  She has adapted to our routine with no problem, and I have to say, I just LOVE her SO much!  I have continued with her glucosamine and her legs are getting steady each and everyday.  She loves going outside and spreading her “Dolly Dust” (pee).  I LOVE this dog… thank you so much!  She loves people as well, and when someone stops to pet her, I say this is Dolly, and they always say, she is so adorable, I can see why you call her Dolly!  Thanks Jan, for all your hard work!

Chris and Dolly

Original Story

Hi!  My name is DOLLY.  As the name implies, I have a beautiful face – just like a little pug doll!  I am petite (under 14 lbs.) They are trying to fatten me up a little bit, which suits me fine since – like every other pug, I like to EAT!  I was found as a stray, and rescued from a shelter in the South Bay.  I’m 4 years old, house-broken, know how to use a doggy door.  I am pals with the other dogs in my foster home.  I’m not very interested in toys, but do like to chew on a nylabone or Kong.  As soon as I have recovered from being spayed and having a hernia repair, I will be available for adoption.  I can’t WAIT to get to my new home, where I can become an official lap dog (I do love a good lap!); and where I can become your treasured pet DOLLY!